Trance Reaction-047

Back to the beat in 2015 with banging new music from the likes of Above and Beyond with their massive new album, “We are All We Need” making the signature track this episode’s favorite. The return of Ilan Bluestone with his incredible bassline in “Lighthouse” and the updated classic remixed by Markus Schulz of Paul Oakenfold’s -“Hypnotized”.

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Aerium-Horizons(Solarstone Retouch Intro Edit)
Above and Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston-We are All We Need(Extended Mix) Trance Reaction Favorite
Paul Thomas, Russell, and Kash Trivedi-Fiji(Shadow of Two Remix)
Heatbeat-Beserker(Original Mix)
Wrechiski & Jason Ross-Atlas(Orignal Mix)
Armin Van Buuren-Together in A State of Trance(Faruk Sabanci Remix)(ASOT 700 Theme)
Nhato-Aurora(Original Mix)
Rodrigo Deem-Helix(Original Mix)
Ilan Bluestone-Lighthouse(Original Mix)
Paul Oakenfold feat. Tiff Lacey-Hypnotized(Markus Schulz Remix) Trance Reaction Classic
Alexander Bergheau and Geert Huinink-Desert Wings(Original Mix)
Chicane & Ferry Corsten-38 Weeks(Original Mix)
Craig Conelly & Kate Canell-Shipwreck(Original Mix)
Allen & Envy-Coherent(Original Mix)
UCast & George Kamelon-Jump(Original Mix)
Dash Berlin feat. Roxanne Emery-Shelter(Photographer Remix)
Artur-Rays(Solarstone Retouch)
Suncatcher-Transylvania Cowgirl(Original Mix)
Kaimo K-Bliss(Original Mix)


Trance Reaction 046-Highlight: SOLARSTONE

Solarstone is a mainstay in the Trance scene. His tracks both inspire and uplift. His recent project PURE can be described as a refreshing influx of melodies and sounds that make you dream, cry, fly, and appreciate the art of electronic music. This hour long mix is merely a snapshot of some of my favorite Solarstone tracks, which have also touched millions of people worldwide.

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Solarstone- Seven Cities (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
Solarstone-The Calling(Orkidea’s Piano Mix)
Solarstone feat Lemon-Lovers(Solarstone Pure Mix)
Solarstone-4Ever(Solarstone Pure Retouch)
Solarstone feat. Clare Stagg-The Spell (Solarstone Pure Mix)
Solarstone and Aly & Fila-Fireisland(Aly & Fila Uplifting Mix)
Solarstone and Giuseppe Ottaviani-Falcons(Solarstone Mix)
Solarstone and Clare Stagg-Jewel(Solarstone Pure Mix)
Solarstone and Orkidea-Unity(Solarstone Pure Mix)
Solarstone and Alucard-Late Summer Fields(Forerunner’s Dub Mix)
Solarstone-Please(Solarstone Pure Mix)
Solarstone-Solarcoaster(Protoculture Remix)
Solarstone-Ultraviolet(Tucandeo Dream Mix)


Trance Reaction-045 BPM Edition

For the 45th edition of this podcast I decided it was time to kick it  up a few BPMS for a full uplifting mix. It’s really great that high flying synths have made a comeback, or perhaps they never left? Anyway, Full on 138 and above. Enjoy!

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Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah feat. Sylvia Tosun-Eye 2 Eye (FSOE 350 Anthem) (Extended Mix)
Paul Oakenfold & Cassandra Fox-Touch Me(Thomas Datt Remix)
Andy Moor & Lange ft. Fenja-Top Of The World (Ferry Tayle Remix)
Armin van Buuren-I Don’t Own You (Witness45 Remix)
Luigi Lusini & Starchaser ft. Molly Bancroft-All I Want (Ultimate Remix)
Solarstone-4Ever(Pure Retouch)
Photographer-Rebound(Original Mix)
Simon Patterson Feat. Sarah Howells-Dissolve (Freedom Fighters Remix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Alana Aldea-In This Together (Jordan Suckley Remix)
Adam Ellis-Agent Orange(Original Mix)
Mike Shiver & Shannon Hurley-A Little Rain (Allen & Envy Remix)
Dennis Pedersen & A.R.D.I.-Remember(Original Mix) Trance Reaction Favorite
Jordan Suckley-Contaminated(Original Mix)
A & Z vs KeyPlayer-Drosia (Original Mix)
The Thrillseekers-This is All We Have(Re-Order Remix)
Darren Porter-The Oracle(Original Mix)
Ahmed Romel-Yarden(Original Mix)
Dash Berlin-Never Cry Again (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)Trance Reaction Classic


Trance Reaction-044

Celebrating the end of Summer 2014 with great beats and uplifting melodies. Enjoy!

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Phynn- New Beginnings(Original Mix)
Oceanlab-Satellite (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
Genix & Las Salinas-Arcadia (Original Mix)
Saer-Event Horizon(Original Mix)
Anry-Rise Up(Original Mix)
Alexander Popov-Eternal Flame(Original Mix)
Niels Alexander-Paint the Skies(Original Mix)
Coldplay-Sky Full of Stars(Beat Service Bootleg Remix) Trance Reaction Favorite
Arisen Flame-Explorer(Original Mix)
Flynn & Denton & Audrey Gallagher-Say My Name(Original Mix)
Danjo-Hollow Glory(Kaimo K Mix)
ReOrder & Darren Porter-The Void(Original Mix)
Nick Callan-Good Morning(Dan Stone Remix)
Mhammed El Alami & illethias- Horizon (Original Mix)
Re:Locate & Robert Nickson-Jetpack(Original Mix)
Gaia-Empire of Hearts(Johann Stone Remix)
Sean Tyas-Unleash(Original Mix)
Sean Tyas-Drop(Original Mix) Trance Reaction Classic



Trance Reaction-043

Summer 2014 has officially arrived, and with it the barrage of amazing tunes being dolled out by producers for amazing memories. In this episode, Aly & Fila shine once again with 3 tunes from their Quiet Storm Remixes album, Orjan Nilsen surprises us with a lighter sound from his Label- In My Opinion, and 2 Trance Reaction Comeback Classics with Yalmiz Altanhan, and the one and only Solarstone.

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4 Strings-Living Colors(Original Mix)
Orjan Nilsen & Jonathan Mendelsohn-Apart(Mike Shiver Remix) Trance Reaction Favorite
Andy Moor-Fade to Light(Original Mix)
Andy Duguid & Jaren-History(Original Mix)
Shogun-Zanarkand(Original Mix)
Ultimate-Once in a Lifetime(Original Mix)
Faruk Sabanci & Yalmiz Altanhan-Eighties 2014(Original Mix) Trance Reaction Comeback Classic
Alexandre Bergheau-Symptom(Original Mix)
Simon Patterson & Sarah Howells-Dissolve(Original Mix)
Heatbeat-Aerys(Original Mix)
Aly & Fila feat Karim Youssef-Lally(Photographer Remix)
James Poulton-Elevate(Original Mix)
Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy-The Way Back Home(Dan Stone Remix)
Ferrin & Morris-Amatoria(Original Mix)
Solarstone & Jes-Like a Waterfall(Solarstone Pure Mix)
Trance Reaction Comeback Classic 2
Aly & Fila-Tula (The Noble Six Remix)
Aly & FIla with Jaren-For All Time (Extended Mix)


Trance Reaction-042 BPM Edition

Until episode 41, all podcasts have been enhanced with chapter marks and titles per tracks. Due to the lack and fast loss of support for this enhanced podcast feature, all podcasts will now be high quality audio files. For a complete track list, always visit Without further a due, in this episode full uplifting from beginning to start, 138 BPM or bust. Celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Oceanlab’s classic Satellite and highlighting  the talents of James Dymond. Enjoy!


Lange feat. Hysteria! -Unfamiliar Truth (John O’Callaghan Remix)
ReOrder & Ian Standerwick pres. Skypatrol-Sailing Airwaves (In Memory Of Matt Trigle)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Natalie Gioia-My Heaven
Simon O’Shine-Wuthering Heights (Original Mix)
Kukuzenko-Dreamcatcher (Ferrin & Morris Remix)
Ferry Tayle ft. Erica Curran-Rescue Me (Suncatcher Remix)
Above & Beyond pres OceanLab-Satellite (Original Above & Beyond Mix) Trance Reaction Classic
Amir Hussain & Allen Watts-Step Into My World (Original Mix)
RAM-Kingdom Of Dreams
Gaia-Empire Of Hearts (Original Mix)
Davey Asprey-Anima (Original Mix)
Aly & Fila feat. Sue McLaren-Mysteries Unfold (Uplifting Mix) Trance Reaction Favorite
Gareth Emery ft Bo Bruce-U (Bryan Kearne Remix)
Cold Blue-Black Rock (Original Mix)
James Dymond-Siren’s Song (Original Mix)
Thomas Datt ft. Ben Heyworth-Here & Now (XGenic Uplifting Mix)
James Dymond-Helios (Original Mix)
Neptune Project-Lost All My Tears (The Noble Six Remix)


Trance Reaction-041

Frankly, it’s amazing how fast time flies.  Almost 5 months later and 5 mixing attempts on this podcast, here it is. We begin with a progressive vibe, melding into moving uplifting tunes as Eximinds comes out to rock the house with two amazing tracks on Good Morning and Phoenix.  Solarstone is back with a Pure Mix of the track Lovers, which will be timeless in my opinion and Susana sings us the classic again in If you Should Go, receiving the remix treatment by none other than the wonderful John O’Callagahan.

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Eximinds-Good Morning
Solarstone feat Lemon-Lovers (Pure Mix)
Tomas Heredia-Memories of You
CE3SAR-Lakota(Ilan Bluestone Remix) Trance Reaction Favorite
Max Graham Vs Maarten de Jong-Lekker(Original Mix)
Nic Toms-Enhanced Dynamics
Gareth Emery Feat Bo Bruce- U (Club Mix)
Chris Schweizer-Phoenix
Sean Tyas-Now You See
Daniel Kandi vs Markus Wilkinson-Cityscape (Original Mix)
Sunset and Alpha Force Feat. Robin Vane-With You(Allen & Envy Remix)
Jorn Van Deynhoven-New Horizons(ASOT 650 Anthem)
Sneijder & Cate Kanell-Letting Me Go
Airport-Night Lights(Original Mix)
Armin Van Buuren Feat. Susana-If You Should Go(John O’Callaghan Remix)- Trance Reaction Classic

Trance Reaction-040

On the 40th edition of Trance Reaction, remixers shine. Protoculture enhances previous releases by Dash Berlin, Armin Van Buuren, and the new Gabriel and Dresden track, “Tomorrow Comes”.  Jordan Suckley has made a big splash into the scene with original productions and amazing driving remixes such as John O’ Callaghan’s “Out of Nowhere” and Binary Finary’s “1998” for the 15th anniversary remixes. We end off with one of the first collaborations Susana and Armin Van Buuren worked on together that defined vocal trance in 2005 with the amazing “Shivers”.

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Venom One feat. Adina Butar-Crashed and Burned(Club Mix)
Eximinds-Russia (Original Mix) Trance Reaction Favorite
Rex Mundi-Explore Heaven(Original Mix)
Kyau & Albert-The One(Club Mix)
Denis Kenzo feat. Sveta B.-Lullaby for Two(Original Mix)
Arisen Flame-Unity(Original Mix)
Gabriel & Dresden feat Niel Ormandy-Tomorrow Comes(Max Graham vs Protoculture Remix)
Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewwit-Disarm Yourself(Protoculture Remix)
Mattt Davey feat Kate Dowman-Sunrise(Here I am)(Original Mix)
John O’Callaghan feat. Josie-Out of Nowhere(Jordan Suckley Remix)
Jordan Suckley-Do or Die(Original Mix)
Binary Finary-1998(Jordan Suckley Remix)
A.R.D.I-The Ultimate Destination(Original Mix)
Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine- Apprehension (Aly & Fila Remix)
Aly & Fila, Fady & Mina-The Journey(FSOE 300 Anthem)(Original Mix)
Ferrin & Morris-Panorama(Original Mix)
Armin Van Buuren-Shivers(Rising Star Remix) Trance Reaction Classic

Trance Reaction-039

Wow, what a Summer full of releases. Producers didn’t lay low this time around and it was increasingly difficult choosing which songs to put in this one as the mix was going on the 3 hour mark. Standouts for #39 include the return of Aly & Fila with a remix of Roger Shah, Brian, Laruso and Jes, along with their uplifting anthem, Mysteries Unfold. Alex M.O.R.P.H. releases a remix pack of his album Prime Mover with two tracks in the mix. The classic comes from Ferry Corsten’s deep and driving production of 2008 feat Howard Jones- Into The Dark given the remix treatment by Casey Keyworth AKA- Breakfast.

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Juventa- The Strip (Original Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H.=Waking up the Stars(Skytech Remix)
Above & Beyond- Walter White
Ilan Bluestone and Jerome Isma-Ae- Under My Skin(Original Mix)
Meridian- Summer Inside
The Blizzard and Daniel Van Sand Feat Julie Thompson- Made for You (Gal Abutbul Remix)
Dash Berlin & Alexander Popov feat Jonathan Mendelsohn-Steal You Away (Club Mix)
Julie Thompson with Super8 & Tab-Your Secret’s Safe (Original Mix)
Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg-Two to One (Original Mix)
Audien-Iris (Original Mix)
Alexander Popov – Moscow Subway (Original Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. Ft. Sylvia Tosun – An Angel’s Love (Andrew Rayel Aether Mix)
BT & Aqualung- Surrounded (Super8 & Tab Remix)
Darren Porter & Ferry Tayle – Neptune’s Siren (Original Mix)
Ferry Corsten & Howard Jones – Into The Dark (Breakfast Remix) Trance Reaction Classic
Brian Laruso, JES, Roger Shah – Higher Than the Sun (Aly & Fila Remix) Trance Reaction Favorite
Aly & Fila feat Sue McLaren – Mysteries Unfold (Uplifting Mix)

Trance Reaction-038

Straight off the heels of Summer, Maor Levi is back to his vocal roots with the amazing “Holding On”, reminiscent of his older tracks such as “Shapes”, Max Graham stuns us with a really amazing production titled “The Evil ID” and we take it back to Summer of 2009 with Sunlounger’s timeless and magical tune with Kyler England “When You Change Your Mind” given the royal remix treatment by MS54.

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Maor Levi-Holding On (Original Mix)
Steve Brian-Avocado(Original Mix)
Ronski Speed & Syntrobic ft. Renee Stahl – Pink Skye (Toby Hedges Remix)
Super8 & Tab-L.A.(BT Remix)
Sunlounger feat. Kyler England-Change Your Mind (Myon and Shane54 Remix) Trance Reaction Classic
Alex M.O.R.P.H.-Bay of Bengal(Original Mix)
Max Graham-The Evil ID(Original Mix) Trance Reaction Favorite
Armin Van Buuren feat Emma Hewitt- Forever is Ours Again(Extended Album Mix)
BT-Skylarking (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
Bobina and Andrew Rayel-Sacramentum(Bobina Megadrive Remix)
Hazem Beltagui-Solar Flare(Original Mix)
Armin Van Buuren feat Miri Ben-Ari-Intense(Extended Album Mix)
Boom Jinx, Maor Levi & Ashley Tomberlin – When You Loved Me(Original Mix)
Shogun feat. Tania Zygar – Find Me (Original Mix)
Aurosonic & Martire feat. Aelyn – Paradise(Original Mix)
Beat Service & Susana – Reach The Sun (Original Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani and Ferry Corsten – Magenta (Extended Mix)
Gal Abutbul – Eternal