Trance Reaction-076-Highlight:Eximinds

Very few artists come into the Trance music scene and make consistently great music. One of the exceptions to this is Eximinds, hailing out of Russia and into worldwide support for their amazing downtempos and breakdowns. In this podcast, we highlight their work with releases across the many labels they have worked with over the years. Some of my personal favorites include- Good Morning, Russia, Aeneas, and the very first release I heard from them-Mainbeat.

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Eximinds-Flying High(Extended Mix)
Eximinds-Good Morning(Extended Mix)
Eximinds-Russia(Extended Mix)
Eximinds-Mainbeat(Original Mix)
Eximinds-The Storm(Extended Mix)
Eximinds feat. Kate Miles-How Can I(Extended Mix)
Eximinds-Interference(Extended Mix)
Eximinds-Stefanie(Original Mix)
Eximinds-Phoenix(Original Mix)
Eximinds-Aenas(Extended Mix)
Eximinds & Jean Clemence-Gravitation(Extended Mix)
Eximinds-First Snow(Extended Mix)
Eximinds-Telekinesis (Extended Mix)
Eximinds & Yan Space-Atlas(Original Mix)
Eximinds-Voice of Angels(Extended Mix)
Eximinds-Renaissance(Extended Mix)
Eximinds-Andromeda(Original Mix)
Eximinds & The Enturance-Magrathea(Extended Mix)
Exminids & Enzo-New York to Moscow(Original Mix)
Eximinds-Shadows(Original Mix)
Eximinds feat. Angel Falls-Inside Out(Original Mix)
Eximinds-Lost Island(Original Mix)
Eximinds & Mobil-All About (Original Mix)